Suminoe of Japan poured $ 1.9 million to open an electric carpet factory in Ha Nam

Suminoe of Japan poured $ 1.9 million to open an electric carpet factory in Ha Nam


(VNF) - Suminoe Textile Vietnam Textile Co., Ltd. has established Suminoe Textile Vietnam Company and will open an electric carpet factory in Vietnam for export to Japan.

Suminoe Textile Vietnam is located in Dong Van 3 industrial zone in Ha Nam province, 40 km south of Hanoi, with a total investment of USD 1.9 million

built by construction contractor CC105.

Suminoe's spokesman said the new company in Vietnam will build a factory to produce heating equipment such as electric carpets and blankets, with a 30% higher capacity than a factory operating in China. . According to the spokesman, labor costs in Vietnam are lower than in China.

Electric heating equipment is one of Suminoe's key product lines. Currently the company has only one single electric heating equipment factory overseas, in Jiangsu Province, China, since 2003.

Suminoe's move is similar to many Japanese companies that are moving factories from China to Vietnam in the context of trade war between China and the US showing no sign of cooling down.

Before Suminoe, there were major Japanese companies announcing the move from China to Vietnam, including Sharp, Nitendo and Kyocera. Most factories in China of these companies are producing products for the US market.

On August 1, US President Donald Trump announced that the US would start to impose a 10% additional tax on 300 billion USD of goods and products from China to the US from September 1.

President Trump's statement came shortly after the end of the 12th round of negotiations on the way to find a solution to the trade war that has lasted

for over a year between the world's two largest economies. So far, trade negotiations between the US and China have not progressed significantly.