Why choose 105 Construction?

We, 105 Construction, are confident of our ability to deliver quality outcomes for our clients.  In particular we wish to highlight:

  • Our strength of working as Engineering & Construction contractor (E&C), we can provide the best solution in design, engineering to suit our client’s requirements in terms of land, cost and schedule;
  • Our history and record in Vietnam, which includes our team of project managers, architects, engineers and supervisors;
  • 105 Construction’s experience in  industrial work design and delivery of high-quality industrial work construction activities (factory, warehouse and plant) ;
  • Our ability to supply a multidisciplinary team of in-house personnel and site engineers to fulfil the requirements of any project;
  • Our large pool of high quality resources, skilled workers, equipments; and our ability to access these resources from across our enterprises, as required, to deliver an ‘international’ industrial work outcomes; and
  • Our commitment to the delivering quality outcomes and the ability to stand behind our commitments;